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The Cowboys From Ireland Signed Paperback

The Cowboys From Ireland Signed Paperback

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The Cowboys From Ireland is the thrilling journey of Rhett and Ryan Kearney, two daring cowboys who venture from the Emerald Isle to the heart of Texas. Determined to leave a mark in the United States, they set their sights on the prestigious US National Rodeo Finale, a competition that promises fame and fortune. But the Kearney brothers are unprepared for the most unpredictable twist of fate – falling in love. These rugged heartthrobs find themselves unexpectedly enchanted by two captivating American best friends, upending all their beliefs about love and life.

Immerse yourself in this contemporary western romance, where fierce rodeo excitement meets the depth of true love.

**This is the boxset of The Irish Cowboy and The Celtic Cowboy**

The signed paperback will be coming signed with swag from Jessica Marin.

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