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Jessica Marin Romance Books

Perfectly Lonely Paperback - Unsigned

Perfectly Lonely Paperback - Unsigned

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Chase Wilson was meant to be a fleeting night of pleasure, but an inebriated secret revealed during their fiery encounter turned him into Layla Sands’ number one enemy.

Still grappling with the heartbreak of her husband's loss, Layla was walking a tightrope of grief and recklessness. But when Chase, a paparazzo hiding from his own past, spills a secret of hers that wasn’t his to share, their worlds collide. Drowning in guilt, Chase vows to prove to Layla that he’s not the bad guy she believes him to be.

As Layla teeters between anger and forgiveness, an undeniable connection and sizzling chemistry pulls them back together. Perhaps the man she once saw as her greatest adversary might hold the key to healing her shattered heart.

Will fate grant them a second shot at true love or will past shadows doom their chance at happiness?

This is the unsigned paperback version of Perfectly Lonely, book 2 in the Let Me In series. This book will be shipping directly from Bookvault. If you would like this book to be signed, please send be a screenshot of your receipt and email it to for a free signed bookplate. If you want the bookplate personalized, please specify what name in your email.
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