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Half of My Heart Paperback - Unsigned

Half of My Heart Paperback - Unsigned

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Cal Harrington is an A-list Hollywood Actor who’s used to getting any woman he wants. Problem is that he hasn't seen the woman he wants in four years.

Meeting Jenna Pruitt on a first class flight to Las Vegas led to the best week of his life. The beautiful divorcée rocked Cal’s world in a whirlwind fling, leaving him wanting more. But she made it clear they could be nothing more since her heart was still battered from her divorce. Being the “British Gentleman” that his reputation calls him, he let her go with only her email address as a point of contact.

Now he’s done being a gentleman.

Cal’s convinced that after all this time, Jenna was the one that got away and he’s determined to do everything in his power to make her his.

But Jenna has been keeping a secret and a tale of lies, deceit and miscommunication is uncovered. Will Cal’s love and devotion for Jenna be able to heal the mistrust between them?

**Half of My Heart is the hero’s POV from Heartbreak Warfare. While some scenes overlap, this book contains brand new content never released!**

This is the unsigned paperback version of Half of My Heart, book 4 in the Let Me In series. Your book will be shipping from Bookvault. If you would like to have this book signed, please email me a screenshot of your proof of purchase to to receive a free, signed bookplate. If you want the bookplate personalized, please specify what name it should be signed to.
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